Emergency numbers

Canadian Coast Guard - Marine Communications and Traffic Services - MCTS

If a boater has a VHF radio call MCTS on VHF Channel 16 to make a mayday or pan pan call, as required.

If you do not have a VHF radio, then contact the Coast Guard radio via cell phone *16.  Contacting JRCC - see below - should only be used as last resort alternatives.

Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre - JRCC - Victoria

Emergency Numbers (24 hrs/day):

  • Telephone: 1-800-567-5111

  • Cellular: #727

  • Satellite, local, or out of area: 250-413-8933

  • Email: jrccvictoria@sarnet.dnd.ca

If you are on land and need to report a boater who is overdue according to their sail plan and you have not been able to establish contact with them, or want to report a vessel in distress, contact Coast Guard radio via cell phone *16 or the JRCC