Current opportunities

Current opportunities

Are you interested in volunteering for marine search & rescue and boating safety ?

Eligible volunteers:

  • are not colourblind 
  • need a current Criminal Record Check for vulnerable sector
  • have a Pleasure Craft Operator Certificate.  
  • have a reasonable level of fitness.  

Time commitment:

  • Meeting / Classroom training- every Thursday 1730-1900
  • On the water training - two hours every week or two, usually with several options for training times.
  • On call for search and rescue [SAR]  - 7 days in every month is ideal.
    • Each day is broken down into 6 hour periods and sign up is online.  This way your on call time can be fitted to suit your schedule and availability. If your schedule changes then it is usually easy to get another member to cover your time.
  • SAR crew need to be within 15 minutes travel time from Vesuvius when on call.

If you are interested, and meet these criteria then email us at : , and leave us a message.  We will contact you to schedule an interview. 

For more information please call 778-888-0492

Thanks for your interest; we look forward to meeting you !


What's in it for you ?

  • Opportunity to improve your marine skills
  • Free courses including First Aid, ROC-M, SARNAV 1 & 2, RHIOT
  • Use of top quality gear
  • Improved local knowledge
  • Satisfaction and fulfillment of volunteering for a good cause
  • Tax credit if you log enough hours (


We operate a 6 month probationary period.